WS1617 - Seminar Public Economics 2






Course Description:

During the seminar, participants will discuss a broad range of issues ranging from taxing firms in the digital economy to inequality and redistribution. A first set addresses questions related to Taxation and Digital Economy, like sales taxation and E-commerce, taxation in two-sided markets, and the effects of transfer pricing rules on the activities of multinational firms, and the taxation of intellectual property (Prof. Buettner). A second set of issues relates to Inequality and Redistribution, like the actual distribution of income and wealth, preferences of redistribution, and limits to redistributive policies (Prof. Rincke). A third set of topics covers Housing Markets, like the effects of regulation on house prices, housing quality, and housing supply, and the inequality in housing prices and rents (Prof. Wrede). The list of topics provides more details and briefly comments on the research questions covered in the related literature.


The seminar has two consecutive parts. In the first part, students write a thesis (15 pages) under the guidance of their supervisor. The thesis elaborates on the literature (see the list of topics for the main article to be covered). Students are expected to search for additional literature and then work independently on their topic. Supervisors provide close guidance on how to produce the thesis and offer several introductory sessions where participants learn about the principles of scientific work and the scope of analysis that is expected. The second part consists of a two-day seminar (December 15th/16th) of students’ presentations. Before preparing their presentations, supervisors will provide students with detailed feedback on their thesis.


For application please submit the participation form to until 28.07.2016. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 10 students.