Bachelor and Master Thesis



The Chair of Economic Policy offers a broad range of topics for bachelor's and master's thesis.

As a general prerequisite for writing a thesis at the Chair of Economic Policy, students must have successfully completed a seminar offered by the Chair. During a preliminary meeting (on appointment with Prof. Rincke: the student's interest and topic will be discussed. With the actual start of the thesis, the student receives an e-mail containing the detailed research question, the name of the supervisor and a list of basic literature to start with. The student is urged to meet up with the respective supervisor at least twice during the completion of the thesis in order to discuss the outline, the literature and the progress of the thesis.

The "Seminar zur Bachelorarbeit" and "Seminar zur Masterarbeit" take the form of presentations at the chair before the submission of the thesis.

A thesis can be written in the following areas:

Law & Economics:

  • Shadow economy
  • Tax evasion
  • The economic analysis of crime

Political Economy:

  • Political competition
  • Rent seeking and lobbying
  • Political and economic institutions
  • Discrimination

Public Finance:

  • Tax and fiscal competition
  • Tax compliance
  • Charitable giving

Development Economics:

  • Economic growth
  • Microcredits
  • Corruption
  • Institutions and development

A selection of recent topics:

  • Die Evaluation von Mikrokrediten - Methodenprobleme, Design, Umsetzung
  • Retrospektives Wählen - Der Erfolg politischer Akteure und die Funktion von Wahlen als Sanktionsmechanismus
  • Das Lohnniveau als Determinante des Körperschaftssteuersatzes
  • Kriminalität und Wachstum im internationalen Vergleich
  • Eigentumsrechte und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung
  • Der Einfluss von Massenmedien auf Wahlen und wirtschaftspolitische Entscheidungen - Theorie und Empirie
  • Wettbewerb zwischen öffentlichen und privaten Schulen: Konsequenzen für das öffentliche Schulwesen
  • Korruption und Entwicklung

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